3rd edition of the Christmas market in Montaulieu

For the 3rd edition of the Christmas market in Montaulieu, in a village in the Drôme in France, the Res’ArtI association presented carpets from the Tagaza of Timimoun association, products from pillawoda Algiers and local craft products. The couscous bar that the association made, to present the Algerian culinary art around a friendly meal and the richness of couscous, on the menu, there was a couscous with chicken, with meat and a vegetarian (Afouro ).An atmosphere from the other shore in a village perched in the mountains on the north side of the Mediterranean, make several nationalities to come together, Swiss, French, Belgian and Algerian. Thanks to the couscous prepared by Algerians from Algiers to discover the cinnamon and turnip flavors that we taste in Algiers.

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