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The story about our logo

The Key of Tuareg Women Veil
“The Key of Tuareg Women Veil” is the symbol of women who keep traditions, and also the economy of home and the tent (khaima).
We chose“The Key of the Veil” as our first logo when Res’Art was created in 2003.
The Guardians of Heritage

To memorize the 10 years of Res’Art, we opted for a simpler logo that links all the artisans of our network who have received training in almost 20 wilayas.

The new logo represents the key to the veil, femininity and culture, and it became the symbol of the national network of women artisans, creators and guardians of artisanal and cultural heritage in 2013

The network of Algerian artisans of art, Res’Art, emerged in 2001 from the reflection of three activists from the association  “Femmes en Communication”” Women in Communication”: Mina Zerrouk, journalist and project manager at FEC, Wardia Sokri, craftswoman of art, and Maya Azeggagh, engineer reversed in arts and crafts.

For the Association Femmes en Communication, craftsmanship is a form of female communication as a part of the Algerian identity and tangible and intangible heritage.

All three were convinced that at the end of the dark decade, related to terrorism in Algéria, Algerian craftsmanship skills will be lost.

Maya Azeggagh and Wardia Sokri, who had experienced the difficulties of artisans, had the idea of working in a group to create mutual aid between artisans (access to raw materials, marketing, and mobility).

At that time FEC took advantage of every public activity, seminar and trade fairs, nationally or internationally, to exhibit the work of artisans. The network officially started in 2003, with around 20 artisans from 5 regions: Adrar, Algiers, Tizi Ouzou, Tipasa and Timimoun.

Between 2008 and 2010 Res’Art expanded to 120 artisans, in 8 new regions: Bouira, Cherchell, Djanet, Ghardaia, Constantine, Oran, Tiaret and Tougourt. From 2011 more than 450 artisans have been trained and Res’Art has expanded further to Tamanrasset, Jijel and Kalitouss.

Res’Art’s work has helped female artisans to meet and exchange, to train, to promote Algerian craftsmanship, to develop their national and international marketing and to organize themselves in a fair-trade activity.

Our completed projects

Since its creation, Res’Art, and in partnership with several international organizations, has contributed to the development of Algerian women artisans through several projects carried out at the national level.

December, 2017
The PAPENPARD program

Res’Art worked specifically on rural women as part of the PAP ENPARD program.

Empowerment building of women artisans

Res’Art set up “Empowerment building for young women artisans of Res’art”.

This project trained more than 500 artisans and carry out a short film on artisans and their difficulties

Training on the social and solidarity economy

Res’Art trained more than 400 women from Outback regions like Tamanrasset, on the social and solidarity economy and pottery to support women potters and preserve this profession

With the Spanish Cooperation

the Spanish Cooperation supported Res'Art for the implementation of the project “Reinforcement of art craftswomen of Res'Art” which trained more than 150 women in the social and solidarity economy, in design between tradition and modernity.

The network expanded

To 14 wilayas and more than 120 artisans were trained

With the help of the NGO2 project

Thanks to the aid of the NGO2 project supported by the Ministry of Solidarity and the Delegation of the European Union, the first social and solidarity economy store “Reinforcement and expansion of the Algerian network of women artisans of Art Res'Art ”opened in Algiers.

With the Canadian Cooperation

Res’Art received its first grant from the Canadian Cooperation, which succeeded in equipping more than 20 women from the wilayas of Algiers, Tizi Ouzou, Adrar and Tipaza with artisanal materials.

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