Female craftsmanship is very diverse in Algeria. Traditional crafts (traditional clothes, accessories, kitchen utensils, rugs, etc.) are highly developed in all regions and are sold mainly on traditional or religious celebrations.

Contemporary Algerian craftsmanship is constantly evolving, mainly in urban areas, in the ready-to-wear, accessories or interior decoration sector.

To promote the place of women artisans and the importance of their contribution to the economy, by federating actions of visibility and promotion of their know-how, Res’Art has made this space available to them to tell us about their passions

Female craftsmanship in Algeria

The craftswomen of the Res'Art network across the Algerian Territory


Djamila Bekkour

Creative Artist of Recycling Art

Djamila is passionate about Art and creations, from a very young age she drew cartoon heroines on school boards, she graduated and worked for 20 years in companies where she held positions of responsibility, but she was not fulfilled in her work,…

Amina Youcef Khodja Eps Lefki

Creative artist and trainer in weaving design and natural dyeing

Amina Youcef-Khodja is a designer of traditional woolen clothing modernized with a very personal touch, drawing on ancestral signs, patterns, and tattoos.


Mosaicist and recycled jewelry designer

Zineb has been a mosaic artist since 2012, after being a librarian for a few years, she started creating jewelry with recovered and recycled materials…

Anissa benattou

Decorator on wood and ceramic

When she retired in 1985, she began to make decorations on wood and other support (such as porcelain and pottery biscuits), she uses wood because it’s a living, warm material that responds to her inspiration. She recreates the old models like wooden bride box.


Khadidja Benredouane

Designer of puppet dolls with traditional outfits

Khadidja is a young craftswoman who designs and manufactures puppet dolls and dresses them with traditional outfits using wood derivatives and recycled fabric, Khadidja had a lot of difficulties at the start of her career as a puppeteer …

Nachida Karasane

Decorations Creator of with rope and burlap

Nachida is a passionate artisanal decoration craftswoman, she decorates mirrors, candles, creates placemats and floral decorations by mixing materials, she also recycles tires and wooden pallets by creating some decorations with jute rope, and useful things like stools and boxes.

Soumia Bisker

Doll designer

Soumia is passionate about traditional Algerian outfits, from a very young age she was impressed by the diversity of traditional Algerian costumes, she therefore realized her passion by making traditional outfits and costumes on dolls to show the richness and diversity of traditional clothes. …

    Nesrine Meziani Boubker  


    Nesrine Meziani Boubker Born in 1976 in Algiers, she studied at the Association of Fine Arts with master Mustapha Belkahla, one of the pioneers of Algerian miniature. Nesrine is passionate about miniatures and …

    Saliha ZOUADI

    Painter on wood

    I started at the beginning, by painting on silk, it was a very nice experience, I then tried decorating on glass. Then I switched to wood.

    The adventure of painting on wood began around 2016, I did my apprenticeship in an …

    Tizi Ouzou

    Razika Doufene

    Traditional amazigh embroidery designer

    Specialized in traditional Amazigh embroidery, Razika Doufene has acquired a technical mastery and fame in this art, she trained by her family, in the professional training center and within the framework of these associative exchanges.


    Imen CHABOUR

    Creator of macrame and crochet decorative objects, painting, and energy jewelry

    Imene is a young craftswoman from skikda. She is passionate about Art and creation, despite having a master’s degree in urbanism and working in a training school as a language trainer, she decided to devote herself to her passion.


    Habiba MOUS

    Creator of modern and artisanal pottery

    Habiba is the president of the heritage association bider, “tourith bider in Arabic”, Habiba got married very young, left her region to go and live with her husband in Bider, she found her in-laws producing pottery and lives thanks to this ancestral tradition of bider heritage,…


    Nouria MESLI

    Algerian Traditional costumes Designer

    Nouria Mesli, is a Tlemcenian artist, who lives in Oran from a young age until high school.

    Her love for sewing pushed her to make it professional, she practices for forty years that makes her distinguished by the spirit of perfect and meticulousness in dressing women and children, girls and boys, in classic European and traditional outfits…


    Hind HAMARD

    Recycler of fabrics and leather scraps

    Hind is a multidisciplinary craftswoman who studied at the School of Fine Arts in Algiers, she specialized in the recycling of all kinds of fabrics (jeans, wool, leather …), she creates bags, pouches, very trendy wallets, her style is very popular beyond young girls and even children, she also decorates traditional baskets with her personalized touch …


      Djahida HOUADEF

      Art creative artist

      Djahida HOUADEF was born on April 1, 1963 in N’gaous in the Aurès where her artistic journey begins. She is a graduate of Ecoles, Nationale et Supérieure des Beaux-arts d’Alger and has long practiced teaching art in high schools and private schools in the capital. She also led a …

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