Djurdjura – Women Band from Algeria

DJURDJURA, LA FEMME AUX MILLE COMBATS·                                                                                                                                                                                               MARDI 19 AVRIL 2016

Djur Djura originally DjurDjura is a name of an high-mountainous area in Algeria. In 1976 this name was taken for a trio of sisters from Kabylie (Algeria) Their names Djourha,Nassera and Nabila, where Djourha (Djura Abouda) an elder from them, who is vocalist and a main songwriter also. She has mixed traditional Berber folk melodies with her poetry about the struggle of women in oppressive societies. DjurDjura's slogan was : "We sing aloud what our mothers hummed under their breath"

Collaboration with Djura starts in 2002 with her new CD cover and its booklet and promotional documents. Djura, author, interpret and scenario writer, known for her best-seller book “The Veil of Silence” is the founder of the famous algerian women singer group « Djurdjura ». With voices of freedom and for women’s rights in particular, Djura sings through the echo of the Djurdjura mountains a powerful branch of the Atlas mounts which thrones in the heart of Kabylie (North Algeria) and the home of legends and fabulous characters who animate between the sharp-edged tops of mountains and the misty snowy forests of cedars, oaks and maples that cover Djurdjura’s sides. Around this majestuous cordillera, revolve thousands of Berber villages, jealous of their identity and gardian of  thousands-year-old History. In a  wind of fresh air, Djura and Djurdjura, draped with their berber togas or golden and red peplos, by the voice, the instrumentation and melodies coming from the deep ancient world, resound the given rhythmic steps of Amazones who formerly quivered the legions of armies coming sometimes from Europe, sometimes from the East but approaching a little too close to the Atlas or Ahaggar mountains… Djura, in solo, sings the heroine Queen Kahena or anonymous  women. She supports nowadays young people and forms troops with that spirit of gladiator which in the arenas, facing hostile or acquired public, guards always the high chin as a sign of insubordination, pride and bravery : the combat is only a way to survive… This universe of legacy translates the facts and the thoughts of Human being who unceasingly models his universe, adapts and evolves and then joins at the same time the eternity of « Mineral Architectures » (Djura doesn’t she carry the name of Djurdjura?) and comparing to Mother Nature the relatively short life of Human civilizations, as well as known Primitive or Native . Thus, here is the convergence link with my graphics and as a paradox I would have used advanced technologies offered by the computer graphics where are mixed together paintings, drawings and photographs recreating a new, supernatural and powerful universe, in the height of the myths and truths revealed by Djura’s songs.

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