Res’ArtIM “Network of craftswomen and art of Algerian women”

Res’Art (the network of Algerian craftswomen has worked in the context of networking with craftswomen for more than 20 years on training, support and improvement of craft production.
Training in Digital Marketing for the artisans of the association Tiziri Anagh

The craftswomen after 20 years of membership in the network wished to create their own grouping structure in the form of a foundation whose headquarters is in Timimoun to continue in the accompaniment, the improvement of the work of craftswomen, and the creation of a cooperative, around art and crafts in Algeria; Thus taking up the torch of the network.

The foundation to create has the name Res’ArtIM diminutive of “Network of craftswomen and art of Algerian women”.

While picking grapes, dates, the production of jams, other local products, they contribute to the promotion of artistic products and women’s crafts. Members and adherents active since 2003 in the network, President Zahra Moulay and her colleague Farida Lamari, coordinator and trainer, work to support women in Timimoun, to promote their creativity and to organize meetings with other women in art and creation. Their first action is training in digital marketing from which the Tiziri Anagh association will benefit. This first action aims to use new technologies in order to modernize, improve and facilitate activities and give visibility to associative crafts and women artisans. To enable them to strengthen all the actions leading to the professionalization of art, crafts and women’s heritage.