Karima Bougherara

Can you introduce us to Karima?

It’s hard to talk about myself, I’m a very passionate person in everything I do, in my trades or my life. I am a mother of a beautiful Daughter ‘’Tinhinan’, I had the opportunity to do several jobs, Artist Agent, Show Organizer, Bus Driver, President of the Gosbat Music Production Company, Primary School Educator.

What is Karima’s relationship with art and especially music? When did this adventure begin?

My relationship dates back to the early 2000s in Algeria. My beginnings are related to the event of the year of Algeria in France 2003 where I had the mandate to list the traditional music groups. In this context I had the immense pleasure of discovering the great richness of our artistic heritage, an exceptional music inscribed in our DNA! And since then I have made it my mission to make it known and to share it beyond the borders of Algeria.

My beginnings were marked by collaboration with numerous companies and artistic associations (33Tours, Audio-Concept, OREF, Nuits Métis, AARC) and the discovery of exceptional artists (El Ferda, Essed, Zeffanates, Kheira Belekhal Nailiates de Tindouf, Diwan Dzair, Ahellil, etc.).

How did Karima work and promote Algerian music when she settled in Canada? And what did motivate her?

In 2007, I packed my bags to Quebec. Rich with my artistic experience, I continued my path in my host country where I worked to make known the music of other side, through the organization of artists’ shows (Nabil Bali, Kheira Belekhal, Sid Bémol, Les Amis de la Musique Andalous de Montréal, La Nuit du Chaâbi, Bargou08, Adlen Fergani), in partnership with the Festival du Monde Arabe de Montréal (FMA), Les Orientalys and the Festival International Nuits d’Afrique de Montréal.

Choir with the Montreal Chaâbi Orchestra

Why is Karima in a Chaâbi ensemble?

I have always liked Chaâbi and never had the opportunity to be in this environment in Algeria. Thanks to musician friends I was able to attend very masculine private parties and they offered me to do the choir in the orchestra, it’s really a pleasure, a lot of friendship and discovery of this music

What is Karima’s dream? For this musical culture that she loves and which she has promoted in Canada

I was able to achieve half of my dream by creating my production company Gosbat Music (Gosbat name of my father’s Village in Aurès) homage to my land and my ancestors thanks to them I am what I am. If I can, I will make this music travel as far as possible.