Nesrine Meziani BOUBKER


Nesrine Meziani Boubker Born in 1976 in Algiers, she studied at the Association of Fine Arts with master Mustapha Belkahla, one of the pioneers of Algerian miniature. Nesrine is passionate about miniatures and floral decoration. She realizes her dreams and strengthens her skills by working with several masters in the field and by sharing this know-how with craftsmen and craftswomen. Nesrine has exhibited in Algiers since 1996, broadening her experience of Islamic decorative arts to miniatures. The drawing on the glass and the decor on the wood. Among his achievements a project to build a water jet in 2002 and the painting on a glass dome in 2001 of the Hotel EL DJAZAIR, the reconstruction of a glass dome at the headquarters of the National Tourist Office in Port-Saïd, Algiers, in 2003 she participated in several projects, including the embellishment of the new international airport, under the direction of Professor Mustafa Al-Jaout. She has participated in more than one individual and collective exhibition and fairs across the country and abroad.