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The Res’Art International team has been working for years on women’s crafts in the Maghreb and has also been interested for a decade in rural women with specific skills. Res’Art International is a network of craftswomen, artists and talented women who seek to highlight the tangible and intangible heritage of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia and to enhance their contribution to Maghreb, Mediterranean and African heritage. We discovered during our travels that the women who produce (crafts, local products, art) often sing, tell stories or say poetry while they work. We have the project to collect videos and audios of these sound productions which carry cultures, beliefs, legends and oral tradition. The women sing or recite in different dialects mixing Arabic, Berber, French, Spanish or Italian depending on the region. We want to give the world to understand this intangible heritage which is disappearing, because the transmission from generation to generation is in decline.

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The network of artisans Res’Art was represented by Djamila Bekkour who had benefited from training and collaboration in the framework of the projects set up with the delegation of the European Union, notably in the caravan Women and Environment in 2017.

Djamila had put her learning into practice after her participation by creating TaberkouTh, she also collaborated and coordinated several exhibitions with the artisans of the network and the National Waste Agency REVADE.

Djamila introduces us to art in the service of the environment by recycling coffee capsules. Women who carry nature and preserve it by creating eco-responsible.

She also shared with us these favorites, craftswomen presenting basketry and products from the palm tree.

The month of heritage, allows us to know the diversity of the Algerian heritage, according to the location and the geography of the territory, it represents a know-how, an architecture, beautiful and ingenious. In this production both women and men participate, we highlight the participation of women in culture and the preservation of Algerian heritage. A rich feminine artisanal heritage exists, the craftswomen are numerous by their work of embroidery, weaving, sewing, pottery, basketry which deserve all the care and the value which is due to them.

The most famous weaving in Algeria is that of Babar in djebel Ammour in the wilaya of Laghouat, it is famous for its “simple and clean style”, it comes in several models of natural colors, and patterns representing the local tribes.
Fatma Kaabache is president of the association of weavers that she formed with her daughters and that works for the preservation of the female know-how of the weavers of Laghouat, She exhibited the carpet of her region in several wilayas despite all the difficulties, Expensive wool, no transportation from her home to the bus station, her age and her illness.
Her work consists in transmitting ancestral colors, images and reproductions, she continues to do so through washing, carding, dyeing and spinning wool while putting herself to the taste of customers, small models, in bags and backpacks.

Weaving is not an easy task, but they all continue to carry this know-how despite all the difficulties. A heritage that exists by and for us.

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