Participation of Res’Art in “La nuit des idées” (the Night of Ideas ) organised by the European Union delegation in Algiers on 12 May.

The network of artisans Res’Art was represented by Djamila Bekkour who had benefited from training and collaboration in the framework of the projects set up with the delegation of the European Union, notably in the caravan Women and Environment in 2017.

Djamila had put her learning into practice after her participation by creating TaberkouTh, she also collaborated and coordinated several exhibitions with the artisans of the network and the National Waste Agency REVADE.

Djamila introduces us to art in the service of the environment by recycling coffee capsules. Women who carry nature and preserve it by creating eco-responsible.

She also shared with us these favorites, craftswomen presenting basketry and products from the palm tree.