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Participation of Res’Art in the international exhibition REVADE 2019

Res’Art chose the theme “Recycling is an art for them” to participate in the 4th edition of the international waste recycling and recovery exhibition “REVADE 2019” which took place from October 7 to 10, 2019.

We have chosen to promote recycling in the field of crafts, in accordance with the framework of the network’s activities, we try to find solutions and means, to support craftswomen in order to easily find raw materials, and to respect the cycle of nature as we have seen with the old craftswomen, or in the recovery of natural waste in the oasis.

Our trainers, Amina Youcef Khoudja, Caroline Winckel, Souad Hamitou put these thoughts into practice, for the use of the raw material available for exploitation.

We were put in contact with the GIZ by Mrs. Youcef Khoudja, during our search for ways to help craftswomen with exhibitions and training, we were able to take thanks to her steps to contact the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry , who appreciated our work, and the commitment of craftswomen in the development of the Recycling activity, and offered us a Stand at REVADE.

In continuity with our “Takwin wa Tamkin” project, which attaches great importance to the subject of accompanying craftswomen to tap into this reserve of raw materials which is within their reach, to organize themselves, to improve, innovate…. a story to follow.

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