Craftsmanship is the soul of an identity we carry around the world

The craftswomen: ambassadors of know-how around the world

Handicrafts are one of the heritage items that provide information about the history and culture of peoples. In the modern world, beyond its role of cultural expression of countries, craftsmanship is considered one of the most promising economic and tourist sectors, thanks to the renewed interest in nature, its preservation and artistic touch for enhancement.

The first Eductour was set up as part of the Takwin wa Tamkin project, a network visit, regions and rural areas in order to introduce craftswomen work on the same things, in different ways from other regions in particular, in Morocco.

As part of the Tamkin wa Takwin project set up in the PAP ENPARD program, craftswomen and rural women between Algeria and Tunisia met and shared their know-how and their concerns, here are some videos and photos. #Algerian_craftsmanship #Eductour_Tunisia #Woman_craftswoman #Algeria

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