Res’Art is converting to telework, how about you?

Razika Doufene – Craftswomen

What is teleworking?

Unlike on-site work, telework, also called remote work, is the fact of carrying out all or part of the regular work at home rather than in the office, thanks to means that allow you to remain connected to the office such as the telephone, email and computer.

Amina Youcef Kodja – Craftswomen

Our recommendations for successful work from home

You will stay at home and not travel to work. So here’s how to stay motivated and perform successful work from home:

  • Use a quiet place where you can concentrate
  • Establish a time ritual: start and end at the same time each day and respect these working hours
  • Put all the tools and raw materials at hand to avoid comings and goings
  • Do not turn on the television during working hours
  • Prepare your schedule in advance and determine the tasks to be carried out
  • Meet deadlines. Attend meetings with tools like: Skype and Zoom
  • Stay in touch with your customers through social media
  • Communicate to your family and loved ones the rules of your new way of working

Habiba Mous – Craftswomen

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