Souhila, jasmine and flowers.

Souhila, jasmine and flowers.

Souhila Belbahar is a painter born in Blida, having started drawing at the age of eight. She then devoted herself to drawing on fabric and canvas, leaving the beaten track, She will create, paint and exhibit nationally and internationally, she has several exhibitions to her credit, and distinction for her art, Souhila will thus work with the UNFA around the status of women.

She is one of the Algerian painters for whom drawing and painting is a ritual that she has absorbed from her environment and her education, for her painting is a means of work that we do not stop practicing.

Currently she is preparing an exhibition at the Palace of Culture, presenting the flowers and scents of jasmine, she has also painted many women in their green interior, transformed into plants and seeds, as a wise said “women are the seeds that carry their cultures away”, Souhila will translate this saying by women petals, managing to enrich with her touch of style the landscape art of Algerian female artists.