The coordination team of the Res’Art project and these citizens of the Earth Marseille co-applicants have set up the project “Strengthening of artisans and rural women of Res’Art” Takwin Wa Tamkin “, a contribution to strengthening networks of women artisans and rural areas to support young people and women in the various means of job creation and the promotion of their national and regional participations.

Together, they monitor the project, define strategies, and organize the actions and mission of the project on national and international territory

Takwin Wa Tamkin Project

The objectives of the project

Getting women artisans out of the informal sector has been one of the main objectives of the initiative and one of the biggest challenges.

Thanks to a charter incorporating the principles of fair trade, Res’Art has succeeded in ensuring that individual craftswomen, who are profitable, take their artisan card from the chambers of crafts and trades in their region. The craftswomen working in groups gradually form an association.

To strengthen their capacities and to support them, Res’Art uses different means


Organization of training on creativity and innovation, sales techniques, management of a collective sales area, exhibition techniques and marketing strategies, product improvement by integrating ICT and new technologies in particular social networks and associative management techniques and reflection on territorial intelligence as well as marketing and networking techniques

The support

Support for craftswomen on several aspects: price calculation, labeling, creativity and innovation, access to rights, personal expression, marketing, negotiation, collective work.


Provide artisans and rural women with several marketing spaces, stands at local, national or international exhibitions in Algeria or abroad, as well as an online showcase.

Our team


Project Manager



Project assistant

Frick AXEL

Co-applicant coordinator


Co-applicant coordinator


Madeleine VERNET


Caroline WINCKEL

Stylist / Designer


Craftswoman / Trainer in trade fairs


Trainer / Digital Marketing Officer

Amina Youcef Khodja

Master craftswoman and trainer in weaving


Master Pottery Trainer

Bahia BEJAR GHADHAB (Tunisie)

Trainer / Coach in the value chains of crafts

Noureddine El Harrak (Maroc)

Territorial coordinator expert

Project working areas in Algeria

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Trained craftswomen

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