Res’Art offers a range of training courses with several trainers. Young people and adults can thus forge a culture and reappropriate the know-how. Transmission, passion, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit … the arts and crafts are carriers of human development. Manual trades and artistic trades,  constantly arouse new vocations. Trades of yesterday and today, the crafts are above all the trades of tomorrow.

Combining tradition with modernity to contribute to the transformation of the company and the evolution of the economic model by relying on the traditional knowledge of craftswomen, Res’Art also offers the training necessary for the development of craftsmanship including new technologies. and modern working methods such as the use of social networks, sales techniques and other tools that contribute to the visibility but above all to the longevity of the craft.

Combine creativity and technology to make the successes of tomorrow a reality

Res'Art training

Are you looking for training to carry out your projects? Would you like advice for the conduct of your company?

Res’Art puts at your disposal its experience specific to each step in of your activity.

Whether it is to take a new start in a creative profession, in which we are in contact with the material, or for the training and development of the craftsmen, in the fields of computer science, management, sales. Res’Art is there to accompany you and meet your expectations on topics as varied as essential throughout the life of your project.

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Work to perpetuate the creativity of our craftswomen over time

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