Women guardians of heritage and art from all walks of life (The potters)

The month of heritage, allows us to know the diversity of the Algerian heritage, according to the location and the geography of the territory, it represents a know-how, an architecture, beautiful and ingenious. In this production both women and men participate, we highlight the participation of women in culture and the preservation of Algerian heritage. A rich feminine artisanal heritage exists, the craftswomen are numerous by their work of embroidery, weaving, sewing, pottery, basketry which deserve all the care and the value which is due to them.

Women have been able to preserve feminine know-how somehow. The potters on the marine coasts of Jijel in Tipaza, up to Bider produce and perpetuate a magnificent know-how from the simple to the decoration of local Amazigh motifs.

We pay tribute to all these potters in particular to Madame Ouiza Bacha.

Zahra Bacha born in Tassaft wilaya of Tizi ouzou Retired as a secondary school French teacher. Converted to pottery and ceramics in 1996, a know-how acquired from her sister Ouiza Bacha whose project was to contribute to the preservation of the beautiful traditional Kabyle pottery endangered. Participated in several national and international exhibitions (Paris, Strasbourg, Bordeaux and Morocco fairs) Awarded twice: 2014, 1st prize for the festival of female creation. 2015, 2nd prize at the traditional crafts fair.

We also present to you Habiba Mous potter and president of an association who has been working since the 80s with her in-laws for the preservation of know-how and creation around this ancestral art.

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