“Women, rurality and diversity of territory” Nassima, Nacera, Meriem and Rekia (1)

Nassima: 50 years old, Farmer

Algeria this big country with different climatic conditions, a huge territory, in the rural areas we were able to meet some women Nassima, Nacera, Meriem and Rekia, And we go through these rural women, to see that they do not live the same conditions, some work in peace and serenity their fields or those of their family, others on the other hand, undergo the constant surveillance of their relatives which reduces their freedom of movement, and which will also reduce the ability to develop their activities either for family production or for participation in the economy.

We met some of them who were kind enough to tell us about their daily lives and the constraints they have to overcome, we will start with the North side of Akbou where the olive picking was still being done.

Nassima, 50, Farmer

Nassima, 50, holds a fellah card (Farmer), started working at the age of 19 in the family field, because she gets along well with her husband Chikh Omar, he leaves her free in her displacements. They work together in their 5-hectare field, they also raise chickens and cows and their children help them occasionally. Nassima is also a member of an organization of wilaya (departement); her friends in the organization are very supportive, to develop his agricultural activity. She sells its products in packaging in accordance with the regulations. Speaking of its activity, Nassima tells us:

“the picking of olives is certainly difficult, but I really like this activity because it maintains solidarity and sharing and it is in addition, a niche that has its future”

However, she added:

“I am calling for help regarding the lack of tools. I did a 3-month training and I can’t improve my business because I’m still not equipped.”