“Women, rurality and territorial diversity” Nassima, Nacera, Meriem and Rekia (2)

Nacera, 49,

creator of the brand

-les épices mamie-

Nacera, 49, works with her daughters and sisters to improve the products of their garden, she has decided to create the brand les épices mamie and is waiting to have her artisan card. Nacera works on two plots of land, one where she lives with her husband, who owns 60 olive trees on 10 hectares, and the other is that of her parents in great Kabylia. They are already beginning to package and market their products, a real team effort. Her husband helps her in her travels and her daughters in the development of their activities: spices, olives, oil and cheese preparation, after have undergone training with the organization of rural women.

Nacera and her husband’s fields are generally treated with natural products, but for some crops they use chemicals, which means being well equipped to avoid health risks. A rural unit is also being set up for this purpose to raise awareness among rural women about breast and uterine cancer. Many women in the region, unfortunately, suffer from this ailment.

Nacera, 49, creator of the brand
-les épices mamie-

The director of sociological research explained to us that studies and research will soon be carried out on pesticides that endanger the lives of women and men as well as their agricultural activity.

You can visit the Nacira farm in Seddouk

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