Zahra Moulay Lakhdar, craftswoman and president of the Algerian women’s arts and crafts foundation

The president of the foundation  Algerian art and crafts women, has been working in the field of crafts since the 2000s, she is passionate about earth, clay, the finesse brush

lines and the love of art, she also works in the reconstruction of heritage. She has several national and international exhibitions to her credit.

Zahra Moulay Lakhdar, craftswoman and president of the Algerian women's arts and crafts foundation

Zahra Moulay Lakhdar is a craftswoman who began initially to draw spontaneously on pottery and stone. Her talents were noticed by her uncle Miloud who encouraged her to persevere in this direction. She learned a lot in his company and developed her own art and craftsmanship even if her know-how was mainly acquired in a self-taught way. Zohra did not attend the fine arts academy but she never stopped drawing, her works were regularly exhibited at the oasis cultural center, in the city’s craft stores, and with the Res’Art shop. She had the opportunity to exhibit in March 2004 at the Maison de la Culture in Algiers and in December 2005 at the international tourism fair in Tamanrasset. She has been collaborating since 2009 in the production of models and the setting up of museum exhibitions.

Zahra Moulay Lakhdar - Réalisation Artisanale