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Since 2008, Res’Art has organized more than 100 training courses in 20 wilayas on the national and international territory more than 1000 craftswomen benefited directly from the project.

Craftswomen have been the guardians of traditions and cultures for centuries. However, they face various family responsibilities, primary employment and the rapid changes of the modern world, women artisans must juggle several duties in addition to ensuring that their cultures, heritage, and wisdom survive in the modern world and passed to future generations.

Through Res’Art workshops, trainings and webinars, participants acquire new skills, knowledge, and relationships to pursue their personal and organizational goals. Res’Art offer personalized experiences, including online training, presential workshops, and hybrid experiences on topics such as recycling, use of new materials, marketing, e-commerce, and more….

working together to reveal the power of craftsmanship through relevant experiences that uncover the unique qualities of craftswomen, its evolving role, and its full potential in innovations

Circular economy: Res'Art in the circle

The circular economy is an economic system of exchange and production, based on the principle of “closing the life cycle” of resources and reducing the impact on the environment while developing the well-being of individuals.

The circular economy indeed proposes to transform waste into reused raw material for product design or for other uses to reduce residues that industrial and natural systems cannot absorb. The circle is complete

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Painter on wood

I started at the beginning, by painting on silk, it was a very nice experience, I then tried decorating on glass. Then I switched to wood.

The adventure of painting on wood began around 2016, I did my apprenticeship in an …

Khadidja Benredouane

Designer of puppet dolls with traditional outfits

Khadidja is a young craftswoman who designs and manufactures puppet dolls and dresses them with traditional outfits using wood derivatives and recycled fabric, Khadidja had a lot of difficulties at the start of her career as a puppeteer …

Habiba MOUS

Creator of modern and artisanal pottery

Habiba is the president of the heritage association bider, “tourith bider in Arabic”, Habiba got married very young, left her region to go and live with her husband in Bider, she found her in-laws producing pottery and lives thanks to this ancestral tradition of bider heritage,

Anissa benattou

Decorator on wood and ceramic

When she retired in 1985, she began to make decorations on wood and other support (such as porcelain and pottery biscuits), she uses wood because it’s a living, warm material that responds to her inspiration. She recreates the old models like wooden bride box.



    Musician Artist

    It’s hard to talk about myself, I’m a very passionate person in everything I do, in my trades or my life. I am a mother of a beautiful Daughter ‘’Tinhinan’, I had the opportunity to do several jobs, Artist Agent, Show Organizer, Bus Driver, President of the Gosbat Music Production Company, Primary School Educator…

      Nabila Birem Melouli

      Passionate about silk painting

      Working mainly on natural white silk, Nabila declines with the help of her brush, a palette of works of great diversity. Its high quality silk comes from the end of the collections of great fashion designers.

      Nadia AMMOUR

      Algerian singer / percussionist

      Born in 1971, Nadia has been singing from a young age. From the stands of his primary school in Algeria to the Cabaret Sauvage in France. Her passion for artistic expression is growing more and more in the encounters she makes through her travels.


      Multidisciplinary artist, ranging from drawing, painting to calligraphy

      Daiffa is a multidisciplinary artist, ranging from drawing, painting to calligraphy. Born in an oasis of the Algerian Sahara, she grew up in a conservative environment where religion, in its most caring aspect, holds a great place.

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